The Lord of Medicine and Destroyer of Ignorance

04 March, 2021

Paramahamsa Vishwananda shared insights into Lord Shiva and invited everyone to attend the virtual pilgrimage in Mauritius!

Blessings to all of you on this wonderful day of the guru. As you know very well, here in Mauritius right now everybody is preparing for the great night of Lord Shiva: Shivaratri. You see, we have a wonderful place here called Ganga Talao where 600,000 to 700,000 Hindus will be walking throughout the island to that lake to get the water. On the night of Shivaratri they come, they go to the temple, and they pour the water on Lord Shiva. You can follow it live because this year we will be doing a ‘virtual pilgrimage’ because many people wanted to come for pilgrimage here in Mauritius for Shivaratri, but they could not. So, there is our online pilgrimage. We are doing it for the first time and you can participate if you want.

But the most important thing is, on the night of Shivaratri, which is on the 11th of March, let your mind be absorbed in positive energy, positive thinking. Let your mind be absorbed into chanting the Divine Names. On that night it is said that if you want to control your mind, and if you want to achieve peace, it is on that night that you should worship. And if you can stay awake [all night], stay awake, but at least try to chant a little bit on that day.

One thing is that, as you know very well, there is this pandemic happening right now and Lord Shiva is the Lord of medicine and destroyer of ignorance. Please, let us chant. Those who know how to chant a little bit, let us chant three times the Mrityumjaya-mantra. The Mrityumjaya-mantra is a very powerful mantra and very healing mantra. So, let us pray a little bit for all the people who are suffering from COVID, people who have problems and people who have worries. If you could chant three times with me the Mrityumjaya-mantra, it will be lovely.

Mauritius is lovely, amazing. We are COVID-free, people are free and we are all very excited for Shivaratri because we will be staying three days at a sacred lake. There will be three days of darshan there also. It's very exciting. The whole atmosphere of that place is so mystical. This time to be there is really amazing. This is the first time that we will be doing a program officially in Grand Basin. I never did it before. It's like a mini Kumbha-mela happening in Mauritius. Kumbha-mela in India has like 120 million people. This one has like 800,000 people but the Mauritian population is not that big. 

It is also online, which is amazing. There are devotees from everywhere, from every corner of the globe here. There are at least 250 to 300 devotees who have come here. It's really nice to be there. Every day I give satsang here. It's amazing to see so many people. 

This is the beauty of devotees. I can especially talk about my devotees. I am not talking about anybody else. I am talking about my devotees, I can say I do love them very much.

May Lord Shiva bless all of you with lots of love and how he loves Sriman Narayana. May your heart also open up and love the Lord Himself. Lord Shiva is the greatest example of a devotee who is completely surrendered to the Feet of Sriman Narayana. In the Shiva-Purana his wife asked him, ‘You are the Lord of the three words, on whom do you meditate?’ He said, ‘I meditate on the Feet of Lord Rama. I meditate on Sriman Narayana’s Feet.’ Lord Shiva is giving an example of where one’s mind has to be focused. You focus so much on worry, problems, fear and so on. That will not bring any changes in your life, in your world, nothing. But if you focus your mind upon the Lord’s Feet, then the transformation will happen and true love will awaken inside of your heart. That is what Shiva stands for. Shiva stands for that soul that is longing for their Beloved Lord. If you get in touch with Shiva inside of you, you will feel that longing.

All right, Jai Gurudev everybody! Love you all. And as I will be there for Shivaratri, I will think about all of you and I will hold all of you in my heart and in my prayer. May Lord Shiva bless all of you. Jai Gurudev! Blessings to you all. Participate with us online also on the Shivaratri Night as it will be live, and also do listen to the satsangs, it’s very important. Love you all.