One Year of a Sacred Mantra

Today Paramahamsa Vishwananda brings Rukmini-Vitthala to His home island of Mauritius. How auspicious the day must be to have the installation of the Lord on the anniversary of the day Paramahamsa Vishwananda graced the world with a sacred mantra in praise of  Lord Vitthala. In His satsang that day He spoke of unconditional love, the Love of God, and the simplicity of Love.


Excerpt from Paramahamsa Vishwananda's satsang on 10 April 2020

‘Well, when you worry, you can’t say it is unconditional Love! When you are worrying, you are not helping the people and you are not helping yourself, firstly. I will ask you, why are you worrying if your aim is unconditional Love? What is unconditional Love? Unconditional Love is trusting, not worrying. You trust your path. You trust in Giridhariji’s Love and protection, so there’s nothing to worry about. He takes care of everything.  Where is your trust? When you worry, do you think there is trust in it? No, there is not. Worry is a sign that you don’t trust.  You should not worry about things. 

So…worrying and giving attention. You see, these two probably don’t go together. Let’s say somebody needs help, okay? You want to help that person, but you start to worry. Do you think you will be able to help that person? You would never be able to help that person. You don't have the capacity of helping because you are worrying.  If you worry, you will never be able to help somebody else. If you want to help somebody, be free of worry. 

Like you said: unconditional Love. Unconditional Love doesn’t fall into a space of worrying about things. You are here to give, so you give. If you know a person truly needs help, help that person. As much as you can help, help people, but trust that whatever you are doing, the Lord is with you; Bhagavan is with you. He is standing next to you, so you don’t need to worry about it. You have to do it out of joy, out of happiness, because whatever you do out of happiness and joy, bears a different kind of fruit.

But if you do something out of worry and there is, ’Oh, I am worried whether this would work or not’, it will never work, because that confidence is not there that it will work. You are worried about it.  Even by giving attention, do you think that will help the people? No, it will not help anybody. Actually, it will increase your fear even more inside of you.

So, surrender everything to the Feet of the Lord. Do everything, whatever you do, with an attitude that you are serving God. And if you don’t have that attitude while you are doing it, at night when you are sleeping, just close your eyes and offer it to Him. Say, ‘Krishna-arpanamastu’, and offer your day to Him. Offer everything that you have done: good and not good. So simple an act, but yet, very often people find it so difficult because they think ‘How can I offer whatever I have done during the day, whether it was good or not good, to the Lord?’ No, He doesn’t bother about it. You bother about it because you feel guilty about it, but in reality, He doesn’t bother about it.

If you really want to do everything with an attitude of surrender, start to think that in whatever you do, Giridhariji is standing next to you. He loves that, actually. And He loves whenever you do something in a most simple way. It doesn't have to be complicated, because very often we like to complicate our life. And yet, what He finds great joy in, actually, is only in the most simple way, simple and easy. 

You know, when we say we love Him, we do everything for Him, but it is out of this simplicity that He finds the greatest joy, not in the big extravaganza. Not in the fancy big drama and show in which often people think, ‘We must do something huge for God to love us; we must do something immense.’ No, no, no, it’s not. In the little things that you do, if you remember Him, He will appreciate that much more.’

He Continues to Share His Wisdom

In His perfect, divine timing Guruji spoke again earlier this year about this beautiful mantra He gifted us with a year ago. In His satsang on 8 January 2021, Paramahamsa Vishwananda said, ‘When you are chanting ‘sri vitthala giridhari parabrahmane namaha’, you know that you are holding upon that supreme protection, you have surrender. You are asking the Lord, ‘Let me surrender to Your Feet,’ because you can't just surrender to the Feet. Without Him willing it, surrender will never happen. That willingness to surrender is there. You are begging Him, ‘Let me surrender to Your Feet. Give me that shelter, give me that protection.’ It is not like asking Him because we don't ask Him. It is natural. Giridhari stands for that. Then Vitthala, which is Bhakta-vatsala, the one who cares for His devotee, who looks after His devotee. It is not far away. Somebody who cares for you can't be far away. No? If I want to care for you and if I am far away, how can I care for you? Can I? No, I can't. And in Vitthala, actually, He destroys all the dogmas between Him and the people. Whenever we look at the shastra, in shastra they tell you, ‘Yes, you have to do this, this, this, this, but in Vitthala-lila He breaks all the dogmas.'

Bask in the grace of this mantra by chanting at least one mala each day with love for your Beloved Lord.