Meditation for Diwali


A Special Meditation given on
11 November, 2015

During Diwali in 2015, Paramahamsa Vishwananda shared with us a sweet meditation on the Divine Light within. We’d like to share that meditation with you today.



As the light which we light on the outside represents our inner light, so I ask you all to close your eyes.

Imagine the light on your forehead. The same flame which is burning outside is this flame in between your eyebrows, on your third eye, like a normal candle flame. Look at it, feel the warmth which is coming out from this flame. As you see the flame, let your focus, your mind, go deeper into the middle of the flame and let the brightness of this flame increase.

Now to this bright light offer all your desires, offer all your negative thoughts. Let all that you don’t need in life, that which is unnecessary, be burned in this divine flame. Let all the guilt feeling, the jealousy, anger, hatred – let all merge into the light, let all burn into the Divine Light which you carry inside of you.

Now, see in the middle of the flame Maha-Vishnu, your ishtadev or the guru seated there.

Now bring the light to your eyes, the right one and the left one. Let your eyes be purified.

Bring the light to your nose. Let it purify your nostrils, so that every breath that you take is a reminder that you are part of God.

Bring the light to your mouth. Let it purify your mouth, so that whatever you say and whenever you chant the Divine Names, is filled with sweetness.

Bring the light to your ears. So that whatever you hear is the Name of God and whatever you hear helps you to increase your devotion and your advancement towards God-realisation.

Bring the light into the middle of your body so that the flame, the shine of the light, increases. If there are any illnesses in your body, let all be cleansed and healed.

Bring the light to your right hand and your left hand. Let your hands be purified so that it reminds you of why God has given you these hands: for helping others.

Bring the light to your legs and feet. Let the Divine guide you towards God-realisation, let the Master guide you towards your aim, so that every step which you make in life is a step nearer and nearer to God.

Now bring this light to your heart. There in your heart, remind it of the Love of God, and that that is who you are in reality; that the true dharma of being a human being is to give love; that your heart finds the true love, the Love of God; that it awakens itself; that it transforms itself into the bliss. It is in your heart where the Divine and the Master is connected to you. Let this light grow brighter and brighter and let your heart be lighter and lighter. Let this love which you have in your heart flow to whoever you know, people who need help, people you love, and people you don’t feel good with, because in the Love of God there is no judgement.

Now go to the light in your heart. Be with the Divine and let this light which you perceive in your heart keep growing every day; let the love grow more and more.

Chant with me: om, om, om...shanti, shanti, shanti...sri gurubhyo namaha, hari om!

I wish you all happy Diwali and may Maha-Lakshmi ever bless you all and may whatever you desire in your heart by Her Grace and blessing be fulfilled.

Jai Gurudev!