Life is Grace

Satsang at The Ashram
Shree Peetha Nilaya, 06 December 2019

In this answer by Paramahamsa Vishwananda, He speaks about what 'grace' really is. He describes exactly where grace shows up in our lives and what happens when we become aware of it.


Grace is something that it is beyond our understanding of things. Because, you see, even if you want to understand what grace is, you will fail to understand, because grace is spontaneous; grace happens automatically when you are ready. 

Every part of our lives is grace. Life in itself is a grace. Do we perceive life? No, we don’t, because we are so busy expecting that grace must be a certain way. Then the mind creates a certain fantasy, or a certain reality, of what grace is, when life itself is a grace. 

How is life a grace? Because without life in that body you would not be here. Without life in that body you would not be able to praise the Lord Himself. Without life in that body, you would not build your relationship with Him. So, grace is present continuously in your life. From where you were and how life was treating you before, and where you are now, you find grace in it, because how you perceived life before was very limited. You know: ‘I go to work, I do this and I do that, I get my monthly income, I buy this, I buy that, I make people happy, I do this and that’. You were programmed in a certain way. 

So, when you have a certain step that you follow in life, you don’t perceive the grace in your life because you continuously hold onto your own strength, your own power, but you don’t know that behind that power is His grace. Are you aware of it? No, you are not aware of it, but it is there. All these millions of people, all the animals, all the plants, everything that happens in this world has a certain degree of that grace inside of it. That’s why it is happening. Without that, it would not happen. 

But when are we really aware of that grace is only when we stop focusing upon ‘my happiness’. And everything we do, we do it for ‘my happiness’. You go on the spiritual path—for whose happiness are you doing it? Are you doing it for me? You are not doing it for me. You are doing it for yourself. When you eat, are you eating for me? No, you are not eating for me, you are eating for you. You go walking, jogging, to the gym, for whom do you do that? For me? You are doing it for yourself. Are you doing it for Krishna? For Giridhariji? No, you are not doing it for Him. You are doing it for you. Nevertheless, He is behind everything. And this is the grace: He is so humble that He doesn’t reveal that He is the cause of everything, and that He is the one that is the energy behind everything. 

When we talk about oneself, the Atma, that is part of the Divine, no? What are we talking about? You are not talking about you. You are talking about Him. If that Divine was not present within the Atma, it would not exist. What makes the Atma exist is that parcel of the Divine itself. Without that parcel of the Divine, it is not there. But do you perceive that? No, you don’t. Like electricity is in all these lights, the fan, the air conditioning, but do you perceive that electricity? You don’t perceive it, because it is so scattered around. So, when do you start to perceive that? Only when you have single-pointedness towards it. When that is turned towards the Divine, in constant remembrance. Towards whom? Towards Him. It’s not about the ‘I’ anymore. It’s not that ‘my happiness’ counts; that doesn’t matter. It is His happiness that counts. 

It will not just happen from one day to the other, but only when you start practicing regularly. When you practice reminding yourself that you are not here for you, but for Him, then He becomes the reality, and then you start to perceive Him in every aspect of whatever you are doing. 

And then you perceive that your life has always been a grace.