Kripanidhe Krishna

Satsang at The Ashram
Shree Peetha Nilaya, 29 December, 2019

In this answer by Paramahamsa Vishwananda, He speaks about the meaning of the unusual hand position of the temple's Kripanidhe Krishna, and the role the Lord plays in our lives.


Jai Gurudev!

Question: In the Bhutabhrteshwarnath temple, the beautiful Krishna on the altar has four hands. In two hands He holds a flute, one hand holds the Sudarshana Chakra, and one right hand [has the palm facing out, fingers down]. What does it mean?

Very often people ask about this, particularly about our Krishna, because our Krishna is not like other Krishnas. Even in South India, when we say Chaturbuja Krishna, He has Shankha [in one hand], Chakra in one hand and with the other hands He is holding the flute. But this Krishna is particular, because the first time He came to me, I had the vision of Lord Krishna in that swarupa, in that Form. (But His hand was not down like that, it was like this, up. But how to explain that to the person who was carving? He did it down, so, that’s what it is!) He is calling everybody, ‘Come to Me!’

It’s true. Often you will see all the deities having a hand like this [palm out, fingers up]. Saying, ‘Wait, be patient. I’m hearing your prayer, but you have to be patient.’ But this one says, ‘No, you don’t need to be patient, come to Me. I’ll sort everything out for you.’

You see, He is the one who controls everything. All the lilas which you all were telling [referring to the Darshan during which the matajis shared their personal experiences with Guruji]. Without the grace of Giridhariji, nothing is possible, you know—you would not be here, I would not be here, nobody would be here without His grace. It is only He who is the doer of everything. He is the one who does everything in your life. You are not the doer. He is the one who controls everything. In Chapter 9, verse 18, He said, ‘I am the creator, I am the protector, I am the one who sustains everything. I am the one who is in control of everything.’

You see, for Krishna to say that He is all this, means that He is the one who is observing everything, He is the one who is acting in everything; meaning it’s not just simply somebody who tells you, ‘Yes, I am that.’ Krishna said, ‘Yes, I am that, because I am the one who is in everyone.’ Forget about this drama of the outside, this physical appearance; it is that consciousness which resides within each one, and that is Krishna. Without Him nothing happens.

Without that energy, none of your senses would work. Matter would just be there, but matter needs something to fertilise it to make it act. Otherwise, it would just be dormant. And this is why He said, ‘I am the Father of everything’, because prakriti has created everything through the five elements, but that energy has to be there.

So, always know that He is inside of you, and appreciate each moment as if you are serving Him. Very often, you have great ideas of things. It’s not wrong to have great ideas of things, but you should learn to appreciate also the little things around you, because He will not show you big things if you can’t appreciate the little things. Do you think the Lord will reveal Himself just like that? He doesn’t. First you have to learn to appreciate what He has given you. First, appreciate yourself and how you are. Love yourself as He has created you.

We are talking about love, love, love, you know, and very often people have great difficulty in loving. A few days ago somebody asked me why is love so scary – the person said, ‘I have a fear of love.’ But actually, love is not scary; love is who you are. It’s just that you have to keep reminding yourself of that. Then it becomes natural. If continuously you have been reminded that something is bad, is bad, is bad, do you think something good can come out of you? No, it will not! People become miserable, become unhappy...why? Because they are not in tune with themselves. They are not in tune with the Divine within themselves.

If you are not in tune with the Divine within yourself, automatically the mind will run towards the outside. And a mind running towards the outside is a very aggressive mind. And a mind that doesn’t have peace – if you don’t have peace, do you think you can bring peace to others? A thousand times you can say, yes, peaceful, peaceful, peaceful, but if you don’t have peace inside of you, what would you give? You can’t give it. That comes with the appreciation of how God has made you and God has made each one unique.