He Sees Us Radiating

Satsang During Online Darshan
6 August, 2020

Paramahamsa Vishwananda normally doesn't say much after His Public Online Darshans, preferring everyone to experience and enjoy the peaceful stillness. On this day, however, He gave these two wonderful messages, so we wanted to share them with everyone.


After the darshan at 15:30

It's lovely to see all of you.

The devotees reflect the light of the Divine. When I look at all of you, I see that radiance through your faces, and really, that brings lots of joy and happiness. That's what is missing right now in this world.

People are hanging so much onto fear that they forget to live. More than Corona is killing them, I think it's the fear that is killing them. Don't hold upon this fear. Hold upon life, and be happy in each moment. Life is a grace from Sriman Narayana, from God, and you have to honour what He has given you. And how will you honour it? By transforming yourself: by transforming your mind from a mind which is centred upon limitation to a mind which is divine, which is without any limit. That is the journey. When we talk about the spiritual journey, it is the transformation of that mind itself, and when that mind is transformed, you will be able to give the most precious gift of Love to everyone.

That is the life purpose when we call ourselves a human being. To be a human being, we have to radiate what we have inside of us, and that is the Love of God. If we don't radiate this Love, if we don't 'be' this Love, life carries on like an animal that comes and goes. Without it, life doesn't have any purpose.

But we are more than that. We are here for a purpose. We are here for a reason. Get to know that reason! That reason is to shine His love. It is only through Love that we are all connected. And through Love, it doesn't matter where you are in the world; our hearts, our consciousness, connect us. It is only through Love that He reveals Himself. Without Love, life is boring!

Look at your life itself; it’s full of Love. That’s why you are radiating this Love. Without Love you would be miserable. Like that, there are so many miserable people in this world. Don’t contribute to that misery.

Often people ask me, 'Swamiji, so many things are happening in the world, how are you are still smiling, how you are still happy?' Well, you see, if we contribute to the negativity of this world, it will not change anything. You have to contribute something positive, something which is dear to you, something which is uniting, something which is sublime, and that is the grace that God has given you: the grace of life, the grace of loving, the grace of having a relationship with Him, and with Him in everyone.

Let this Love shine through you, and don't be ashamed of who you are. Very often, due to being ashamed, people concentrate on their own negativity. They feel ashamed, so they can't radiate this Love, they can’t radiate this joy.

So, be who you are, be how God has created you, because in His creation He has created you perfect as you are and He loves you the way you are. The way He has created you, He loves you that way. Start to love yourself and start to spread that love.

Love you all. Blessings to all of you!

After the 18:00 darshan

It's nice to see all of you. Really, when I see you all, there is such a peace on your face, such stillness inside of you.

 This is one thing which is missing: it's stillness. Our mind is always wandering around, our mind is always jumping. One has to be in that space of quietness and stillness. That is really where your heart can blossom. When the mind is still, you will see that your spirituality becomes very easy. But when the mind is just jumping around, it's very difficult. So try to still the mind through your meditation, through your japam. It's not just stilling the mind, but it's also to feel.

This is one thing that people lack: feeling. They are so much into thinking everybody is so much into thinking. Everybody is thinking and thinking and thinking, but less feeling. When you practice your sadhana, your meditation, your japam, you should learn to feel also. Don't just expect that this feeling will just jump from heaven onto you! No. Let it sprout from inside your heart out.

I love you all; I hold you all in my heart. Blessing to all of you...Jai Gurudev!