Message from the Master

9 December 2017

'One thinks that the material possessions one has are eternal and will last forever. When the body deteriorates with time, one doesn’t see it as one tries to cover oneself with layers of illusion like makeup. How long will that last? Does anyone ask, "Am I really happy with myself? Have I lived my life how I wanted to or do I just pretend to be someone who I am not, just for the sake of pleasing others?"

For once, let us reflect and be sincere with our lives and ask ourselves, what is Life? What do I really want to contribute to this life and this world? What can I do for someone who really needs help, not just money, but real help? That means to give your time to be with people who really need it. Only then can one be grateful for life. Otherwise, it is just talking and it is a meaningless, wasteful life. You may have achieved a lot in the outside but nothing on the inside. You may appear to be happy with what you have when in reality you don't have one iota of real happiness within your heart. You may talk a lot, but they are just empty words without power. You may have a lot of knowledge of the world but no Realisation of the Self, and if Alzheimer's attacks you, all the external knowledge is gone forever, whereas the true knowledge is not of the mind but is in the soul. Nothing can destroy that.

God always provides; one must be wise to take that opportunity as it doesn't come often. The choice is entirely up to you as no one can force you into anything. Take shelter at the Feet of the Guru. Like Kabirji said, Guru and God are both standing, so to whom should we pay our respects first? The answer is to the Guru because it is He who reveals God. And for some souls, the Guru is their God; no other is needed.

Why is this so? It is not to sing the glories and make a lot of noise about how wonderful the Guru is. Yes, the grateful heart will respond in that way, but that’s not the point. The Guru's greatness is that God comes and takes a human form and acts like a normal human, but showers those around Him with His Divinity in all forms: Love, compassion, joy, inspiration, the best aspirations, calmness, protection, loyalty, trust, fulfilment and 24/7 unconditional loving service and devotion.

What is the need of another God? One can calmly forget all that one has heard or read about God, as even in the best case of using that knowledge, one can reach one’s own heart, but after that is done, that's only one step. And this journey of 40 cm is not at all so long as this one step, because one can stand there for a very looooong time if there is no Guru. With one’s own Satguru, this step becomes possible and that is why Guru is greater and that is why Guru is God.

Jai Giridhari Gopal!'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master