Message from the Master

31 October 2017

'True love is within yourself but one doesn't know how to wake up and discover it, as one’s mind is so full of ungratefulness. Even when one has found it, one doesn't know how to use it properly as only the Grace of the Master can reveal the true meaning of Love through one's humility. Instead of reading the books in which the Guru shares His heart and Love, people read other's opinions. Followers are like that; they look like devotees, but they are only followers as they follow only ideas which suit them. A devotee doesn't follow anything but their own heart, and their heart follows Love only. So simple.

If one has full trust and faith in the word of the Master, one will get all the benefit of the spiritual path and there is no need to think of other things. How can a foolish mind understand the work of the Master? The Master’s touch transforms an ordinary stone into the finest of jewels. This is why it is said, ‘Don't follow what the Master does but what He has commanded to do’. If one finds fault in what He is doing, it is due to the foolishness of one’s own mind which is full of judgment and negativity. As one hasn't overcome one’s own weaknesses, one perceives the good as negative. The Master does all for the sake of His devotees. Ask oneself: is one truly following the instructions of the Guru without any judgement?'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

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