Message from the Master

24 November 2017

'Kriya meditation is a technique, but a technique is not what unfolds the life mystery, especially if it is done automatically. Still, kriya has so many beneficial effects upon the human system and not only on that, but on human spiritual evolution. Why is it so? Breath, observation, turning inward, or all that together, or all that and something more? Remember when one is initiated in kriya, before the initiation, one is reminded that without the blessing from a Master, the kriya technique is just like a super automobile but one without a key or fuel.

Kriya builds our spiritual or etheric body which will enable us to serve Sriman Narayana eternally. What comes as the result of japam? Japam awakens our spiritual body and true spiritual identity. For both to happen and culminate in the desired result, many, many, many, many, lives are needed. One has effects in the form of merits, but when one wants to love God, who is interested in creating merits? One only wants to serve Him, love Him, be with Him and so on...

Does japam gives the blessing of surrender or does kriya and how? I mean, one needs to surrender to anything when does something, but here we are talking about ultimate surrender, the one that is not so easy to grasp, the one that is the final step in spiritual evolution. It is the most simple, but the highest, so it is not something that comes just like that; it is not that one wakes up one morning, jumps from the bed and surrenders to God eternally.

What exact benefits does one get from doing kriya or from doing japam?

Sincerely, one must accept and connect everything with japam. One is a bhakta because one loves to chant, to sing bhajans, and dance in kirtan, but the main aim is to serve Him.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master