Message from the Master

18 November 2017

'In order to advance spiritually, one needs knowledge. And spiritual knowledge is always described symbolically like a torch that dispels the darkness of ignorance. But the tricky thing about knowledge and a torch is that instead of observing the space we illuminate with the torch, we focus on torch! The torch becomes more important than its purpose and use! And instead of a way to help us to see, it actually blinds us!

So how to be in knowledge and focused on God or Satguru? That is the right question. Like I always say, one first must know to ask the right questions in order to find a solution for anything because the wrong questions do not lead anywhere.

Spiritual knowledge should be used in two ways:

1. First, to get the clarity on what to do and how, and what the goal is.

2. Second, a checklist: are we going in the right direction? Because let's take the Bhagavad Gita for example. Krishna gave so many instructions, explanations, and knowledge there. But how much one will benefit depends on one’s clarity, practical use of this knowledge and instructions, and finally one’s own experience. So after one has passed a certain part of the way, one can always check to see if one is still on the right track. Usually to most people, the Gita becomes a useful philosophical book, which the Gita is not. Krishna is not a philosopher but is utterly practical and realistic.

In other words, how well one has understood spiritual knowledge and how well one puts it into practice, reality will show. That is why it is important to check: does one use spiritual knowledge to observe the space that is illuminated or is one blinded by the torch? One must be sure that one is in knowledge but one’s mind is focused on God and Satguru with clarity.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda


Message from the Master