Message from the Master

12 November 2017

'Krishna says that no one makes us sad, miserable or happy, but one alone chooses whether one wants to be happy or sad. Whatever is the mind is the reality. It’s nice when the mind is filled with thoughts of God, but that’s not enough. THE MIND SHOULD BE FOCUSED ON GOD!!!

I can see now clearly how its game is happening: while thinking about some situations in life, the mind is alive, strong. While thinking of God, the mind is entertained, BUT THE MOMENT I FOCUS IT ON THE MANTRA OR ON THE THIRD EYE, THE MIND STARTS TO RESIST AND BECOMES SLEEPY.

Gudakesha: wasn’t that Arjuna's name when Krishna wanted to point out that Arjuna had conquered sleep? Krishna was talking about this kind of sleeping when the mind should be focused on Him but instead it starts to be sleepy, diverted from the path and its focus. Something is wrong. This proves that one cannot trust even the positive mind, just as negative people also think they are right and positive. The positive side of anything is also simply a form of fantasy but this one brings you to the state of transformation. So it’s called good, but this good is not actually real good, simply because it is not good enough. So what's left? Mantra: Guru Mantra. Focusing on God and becoming aware more and more until one is totally awake.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master