Message from the Master

08 November 2017

'On the spiritual path, many people want quick results. Those who want quick results are those who seek only commodity and security in spirituality and they cannot perceive the presence of Divine Love in it. Being superficial and staying only on the superficial level of spirituality, means not getting involved in the process itself. One then becomes negative about one’s spiritual path, since one doesn't actually know the category of an enlightened Master. Those who are sincere, who are involved, who really are seeking, will feel the transforming and blessed presence which the Guru brings and His influence in one's life. These are the signs of an authentic experience in the presence of the realised being, Master or Satguru, because it is not something intellectual but transformational on all levels. Spirituality means TRANSFORMATION! If there is no transformation, it only means there is no involvement in process.

First, humbleness is the key. Very often, humility is misunderstood as weakness, lack of self-respect, a yielding attitude and so on. Humbleness is freedom from the limitations of one’s own false identification. It is consciously putting aside the ego in order to receive the limitless and eternal One, and only those who really work on their inner space, on their inner perception, and on their expanding of vision will for sure know what it is all about. They will know what is sacrifice and what they gain from the right attitude towards life. They will know what is their position in this large and vast universe in which they are just specks of the infinite spirit.

Humility opens one’s true eyes. It is not lowering oneself. On the contrary, it is uplifting the soul Consciousness and the inner ability to truly love. Humbleness is not a show of the pathetic actor, who believes that some extra divine intervention will save him from this low-class life! There have always been great personalities who did amazing things, but they themselves were simple and humble because they actually had the right knowledge and authentic experience of the Reality.

Actually, to really understand what humbleness is, one should really get to know God, as He is humbleness itself. One can see that in the Satguru, who with each gesture and action teaches, showing through deeds and action and not through mere words that if one can see the things as they are, this phenomenon will not be possible to miss.

God doesn't have preferences. All is a sign of His Love and respect towards each individual. God always wants upliftment for us, advancement, and for us not to fall and degrade ourselves. But we also have a certain amount of choice and if one uses it in a right way, one will advance; if not, then one will be the cause of one’s own downfall. So the spiritual path is full of joy, full of Light and great things, but the other side of this path is not easy. An effort is needed and taking responsibility for oneself, and knowing that the Satguru is always there, backing you up on your inner journey up towards the Supreme Lord of eternal Love.

Giridhariji and the Satguru are one’s true parents. Parents always know what is the best for their children and they will do all that is needed to bring the child up. They also play their role and to experience this, is to experience the Love of God in two forms: Divine Love and Satguru's Love. Love is the greatest prayer: Prema Sagai. The relationship of Love is the only reality, nothing else. What one focuses on, one brings into one’s own reality. That is why Prema is the greatest form of prayer. One creates the relationship with God out of Love. As our attention goes in that direction, it becomes one reality and that is the ultimate reality of the Love relationship: only serving Him.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master