Message from the Master

07 November 2017

'In the scriptures, Lord Krishna said don’t give the supreme knowledge to those who are not ready, as they will not grasp or understand the deepness of such knowledge. That can only happen when one receives the Grace of the Satguru. Otherwise, one will misuse it and then fall down from one’s sadhana. Once one is ready, Giridhariji will guide one to the Feet of the Satguru where one will receive the Grace of true knowledge. The more one gets to know, the more the urge to understand will increase, and the more one will become humble. It is said to have the knowledge and have an ego about its possession is the worst thing one can do, even worse than having no knowledge. One must be humble, as all the great and wise have said. Even when they had the knowledge, they had the feeling that they knew nothing.

True knowledge is when anything is known as it is. General, partial, adverse, special and whole knowledge are different kinds of knowing. Knowledge in the form of senses, in the form of taste and in the form of objects were all given to Brahmaji by Lord Hayagriva. To grasp even a little of it, one must be eligible since all the sciences meet with this science. This science of true knowledge which Lord Krishna gave in the Bhagavad Gita doesn't mix with any other science. One may read of it and hear of it, but none will be able to comprehend or digest such knowledge without the Grace and blessing of Guru and God. Those who read the Lord’s commands as just a mere book don't receive anything from it. That’s why it is said that the knowledge of the Self should not be given to someone who is immature or not ready.

Those who teach the Word of the Lord should know that they are not a preceptor saving from the highest, but that they are simply a preceptor removing the improper and putting to the proper. When you have in mind that the God, Giridhari, is the Doer, nothing improper will ever come out of your mouth, since whatever you speak will be in tune with the Lord Himself. Nothing will come from ego or pride.

Know one thing: the more one knows, the more ignorant one is. An ignorant one is better than a knowledgeable one, as the logic of knowledge is unstable. All the material world is known by logic, but the reality is known by the heart through Love only.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master