Message from the Master

01 November 2017

'Knowledge, devotion and detachment don't come together. Love is the top of all knowledge.

Know that no one will stay here for eternity: all that you have will one day pass on to others.

Leave the mind which is the beginning of ignorance and know that only the Grace of the Guru and Giridhari can free one.

No human can help another to cross the ocean of Samsara. They poison the minds of others and bring them to the down pit of Hell together with them. Do you know who your real friends are? As the company you keep, you become the same. Oh miserable mind, which makes one think that one has anything or understands anything! Surrender to the Feet of Giridhari, and, by His Grace, He may save you from the clutches of Maya.

1. Life drama (body and mind identification) vs. awakening in God and in God's Love.

2. Human behaviour reflected through the cunningness of the mind, which is accepted as truth.

3. Some are so eager to be negative, under their own presumption that they are doing something good.

First, I can only say to ask Guru and God to make your inner resolution and faith firm towards achieving the ultimate experience of life. Which means, when you look your life or others (in terms of the drama of life), one can only say ‘I want to experience that which is the natural state of my Satguru.’ The yogis, the sadhus and saints experience God Consciousness at all times and experience communion with God at the deepest level of existence. Second, during our life journey and especially our spiritual journey (yatra) we can learn so many things either from our own experience, failures and trials, or from other's (preferably). All souls aim for only one goal and that is Narayana, so the journey itself is very individual and personal. The journey starts from ajnana, towards jnana, towards vijnana.

The second point I mentioned above about the mind's cunningness refers to manipulation and the human tendency to manipulate. One will learn about that when you love truth. It is true that in a lie (or in any manipulation) one has a short leg, which means one will not walk too fast and long because so much energy is needed to keep the lie going on. With the truth, all is so simple and effortless. Oh yes, one can deceive others, but for how long? And what you get and learn from such situations is far bigger, greater and more precious as it makes one more clear about what one truly wants in life, and who the people are who really love and care for you. Freedom and more freedom; this topic has many facets.

On this third one, one thinks they are doing something good by ruining the faith of others. What a shame and sadness for these souls as they don't realise the idiocy of their acts. They will drown themselves and others along with them in the wild mud of their own negativity. If someone reads or hears such stupidity, the mind becomes sick and a perfect example of the same kind of negative-minded people, joined together with arrogance and pride and selfishness. They will find themselves always shouting the same sentences, totally alone, without noticing that they are trapped inside their own mental hospital. The journey back to balance one’s own actions will be long and painful, since that is the only way to really learn and realise.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master