Message from the Master

8 December 2017

'People talk about relationships and challenges.

The only challenge one has, and the problem with Love is that there is almost no Love at all. Yes, there are many substitutes, but that cannot actually nurture the heart nor the soul. People have developed their organising skills very well, their work ethics, mechanics, discipline, and economics above all, but Love can’t be organised or planned. It’s not a square nor a direction from A to B. Love is spontaneous with its own rules and discipline. Love itself is the richness and wealth and its economics are not 1+1=2 but 1+1=5 or 1+1=78.

The deepest problem is the idea that Love is something that one pays for, sells, or buys. This is only because people appreciate comfort and money more and so they put them above Love. So one may have all the luxury outside in matter, but still stay hungry and dying inside, because Love is not recognised for what it is.

Pity, indeed, but if one ever sees the chance to plant true Love seeds in the mind and heart, be sure to do it with respect and gratitude, as the true understanding of what Love sounds more like a beautiful melody than just a noise.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master