Message from the Master

6 December 2017


The dictionary says:

1. Degree of awareness and responsiveness to internal and external changes, challenges, or demands.

2. Degree of susceptibility to damage or harm from changes in the environment.

But there are two types of sensitivity: one is of awareness and the other is of being unaware. The first one is connected with life, with being sensible and sane. The second one is connected with ego (body-mind identification) and with sensations.

Sensitivity is the ability to respond, however, most people are sensitive only when it comes to their ego or material gain, and insensitive when it comes to life and responsibility. When the ego is pleased with sensations, one feels good, but when the ego is hurt by somebody else's ego, then one feels bad. It is wrong to think that the ego responds. In reality, the ego never responds. The ego reacts. It reacts because body-mind identification is basically unconsciousness, and accordingly, there is a lack of sensitivity.

Examples of insensitivity are when people discuss ‘does a woman have a soul’ or ‘are animals sentient beings?’ Jagadish Chandra Bose received the Nobel Prize because he proved that trees are not dead. So how can we question whether animals are sentient beings or not?

More life, more sensitivity; less life, less sensitivity. And what suppresses the inner inherited sensitivity in a man? Egoism and a mind filled with selfishness, greed, and arrogance. Such is the state of someone due to lack of sensitivity. One like this needs sensations, meaning stimulus, in order to feel alive, to feel life. But through the stimulus of any kind, one can become only more dull and more dead, since stimulus is the way to spend the life energy, vitality, life force.

What is the solution? Meditation, becoming meditative, opening the heart, and serving and contributing to life, which means not only to society, but to animals and to nature.

Through meditation, one regains one’s own sensitivity and sensitivity grows as the meditation deepens.

Through opening the heart, one moves from selfishness and logic towards inclusiveness and intelligence.

Through serving and contributing, one moves from egoism and selfishness towards unity.

All this increases the sensitivity, because, finally, sensitivity is the degree of awareness, as the definition says. That is why becoming more aware means increasing the sensitivity. Ultimately, sensitivity is union with the whole life.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master