Message from the Master

30 November 2017

'1. Surrendering the mind: this basically means, drop your mind, do not go for a while with your mind, just let it go in order to be able to see, because what we have to see is too obvious. The problem is that the mind is clouded. That is why surrender your mind, let go of your mind; it is not your possession anyway.

2. Chant the Name with devotion: focus on the spiritual vibration, and put your heart into it. This means be totally into it because emotions are signals that we are into something. When it is something good, we feel good; when it is something bad, we feel bad. So, to chant with devotion means to be inside and feel the trust, feel the inner space and chant there.

3. Love Him: Love is not something that we can do. That is tricky, but it's not impossible, because to feel Love, one just needs to come back to one’s natural state as human, which means to be authentic and sincere. When the Ocean of Love comes and takes one with its wave, just surrender to it, experience it. There’s nothing to do with it, anyway, one can't. Yes, one can disconnect oneself from it, but what’s the use of that? About Love, if we go with Love, this will make us intense, because in Love there is no mind and the emotions are positive. It is the experience of being light, flying, inspired, empowered. The more we know Love, the more we will know life and our Self and the true nature of God: our real Goal.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master