Message from the Master

29 November 2017

' "Let one's mind awaken to the true knowledge of the Self."

It’s neither running away nor attacking, but a third: it’s always going beyond this kind of mind. That's possible only through the heart and loving. That's possible only through association with the Satguru (not any other kind of guru as all others are only helpful for the mind and its preparation to be transformed) and through the association of saints and pure devotees who inspire one's heart to surrender joyfully and with trust. To one’s own Satguru, trust and surrender are not in the realm of questions and answers but are of the heart: deep true Love and loving.

The thing with God, (and accordingly with His devotees, and Him in the form of the Satguru), is that in His case, Love and trust are not separate but are different aspects of both, because trust is the aspect of Love and vice versa. I say again, that is how God is functioning. That is why He feels the deepest, and both pain and joy as a parent or partner. That is why His Love is unconditional, beyond the mind and its expectations and imaginations. He is all-forgiving and that is exactly what makes Him the Supreme and the only and ultimate shelter.

One can run away from knowing about God, but it’s impossible to run away from His Love. As He is everywhere, so is His Love. So where one can run or hide and, ultimately, what for?'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master