Message from the Master

29 December 2017

'Why can’t people change certain things, which aren’t big things, but simple ones, like instruction: ‘this thing's place is always here’. Like when one learns to drive a car, one must know where the gas or the brake pedal is and how to change speed and so on. That is something one has to do right in order to drive. So, simple instructions should be even easier, shouldn’t they? But no, simple instructions seem like a Himalaya thing. All this is due to the lack of interest in including them.

What is there to say then about changing the mind's habit? It really needs willingness and initial effort, because the mind, out of habit, goes into negativity, and instead of focusing it on the positive, God and Guru, one goes the way one is used to. Okay, it’s not easy, but if one doesn't try it again and again, it will be impossible to change.

How nicely the minds of people explain why not to change! Also, people are afraid of exposing their minds to Love and Consciousness. ‘Exposed’ means it looks only so because the mind has its ways of how to keep going according to what it is used to.

To listen to Guru and God is not just obeying, but rather a constant remembering of them. If one remembers them again and again, their presence will be Light, but there is darkness if the mind cannot stay with the Light. Obedience is the willingness to change, otherwise, it will be only passive suppression of one's own nature and habits, and out of that there is no growth.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master