Message from the Master

28 November 2017

'INSIDE THE SPIRITUAL KITCHEN: Love, surrender and inner heat

Funny as it may sound, why a spiritual kitchen? But a sense of humour is very welcome on the spiritual path, where one should know when to take something seriously and when to take something lightly. And humour helps in this decision a lot and in creating the balance between the two.

So what is the connection between these three? Well, it is like in the kitchen: Love and surrender are the soul’s ingredients and when we pay attention to them, they create an inner heat, an inner fire. And when the fire is not big, when the fire is just a lamp, it is nice, warm and relaxing. But the thing is that fire has a tendency to grow whenever there is a fuel for it, and spiritual life, a true and sincere one, doesn't lack fuel.

So in a spiritual kitchen we have ingredients, we have a fire, and now the question is, what is cooked? Well, it depends on how much heat is generated by loving and surrendering. When a flame becomes a powerful fire, in the spiritual kitchen one can hear the sound of the melted ego: chhhhvvrrrr, chhvrrrrr, chhhvrrrrr… but it smells very nice. There is a lot of vapour of wrong thinking and perception of reality and all kinds of negativity, but it is so cooling. The right amount of sadhana makes all preparations in a spiritual kitchen to be cooked well and to its end, not before, because the offering would not be proper otherwise. Sadhana, self-discipline and living life in an attitude of acceptance and surrender are special spices that give the flavour and aroma of divine blessings.

In a spiritual kitchen it is always warm, colourful, sometimes chaotic, but strangely enough, all is done well, as the cook is the Master Chef Himself, so what can be the result other than a unique specialty: true food for each soul that brings eternal pleasure.

Who would say that Love and surrender end up in a kitchen? Oh, for sure those who have experienced Love and Her ways and those who have tasted the prasad from a spiritual kitchen.

So, who is hungry? Who is thirsty? Who is interested in tasting the specialties from a spiritual kitchen?'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master