Message from the Master

26 November 2017

'A bhakta's identity is the servant of the Lord, and it is all due to Love. This is the essence of the Bhagavad Gita when it comes to a devotee. Concerning God, it may be ‘sarva dharman parityajya’. Each one has their own dharma; God has His and the devotee has his.

That is simplicity plus Love, and that’s more than enough.

One should treasure the sacred secrets deep in one’s heart. Know that it’s not just because of some other people or the outside world but also from inner demons, stored negativities from who knows when. The Will of God and ignorance or misunderstanding are a very bad marriage; they can't get on well together. No need to tell it as it would be focusing on negativity and inner weakness. When crisis comes, one must have Guru and Giridhari in one’s mind, which means one must be focused on the Light, Love and strength inside of one’s heart of hearts and search and focus only on Krishna.

This way, one will skip one’s mind's questions, frustrations and so on. What’s the point of getting the answer when the very questions are wrong?'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master