Message from the Master

25 November 2017

'God's vision is so different than what one’s mind can ever imagine, but even in the degree that it is possible to perceive, it is amazing. God is compassionate and His decision to free an individual soul is based on that sincere cry from the individual soul. One who always thinks negative feels negative and guilty, but at the same time, sees how much the Guru’s Love and presence helps one and how the Guru’s invisible hand guides one and protects one. But THE MIND is like a storm, devastating all efforts and blessings.

From the Gita, Bhagavan said ‘for the destruction of the evil-doers’, for the destruction of the evil qualities in good people, and ‘for the enshrining of the right, I am born from age to age.’ Some people may say, ‘Oh my goodness! This is terrible, punishing God.’ No, He’s not punishing anyone. The ‘evil-doers’ are the evil qualities which are present in you as samskaras. Nonetheless, through many lives, you have also accumulated a lot of good merit. Due to your good merits, He comes in the form of the Guru, in the form of the Master, to destroy all these inner ‘evil-doers’, these wicked qualities, to remove them and free you.

God is compassionate. He doesn’t punish anyone. He loves everyone equally. And due to that Love, He knows your soul, He knows where to put you. So, when the Lord manifests Himself in different aspects to release you from your negativity, you have to learn how to surrender.

How many people meet their Guruji? You have Him in your life, so do not miss this opportunity. Rise and fight. But you may think that you don’t deserve that. Stop thinking of yourself. Don't listen to that mind and think of Guru and God and do your basic discipline with sincerity. That is enough because when this calls for God, His all-compassionate Nature responds. If we surrender to that only, then He helps all to come near Him.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master