Message from the Master

22 December 2017

'Bees must fly to the lotus pond to get the nectar out of the flowers. If the bees, out of ignorance, roam about in quest of sky flowers, they will not get a single drop of honey. So, if one wants to be free from the endless circle of life and death and achieve the ultimate goal of life, one should pick the flowers of devotion and surrender from the orchard of the Guru’s knowledge, since mere knowledge of the world is of no use.

Guru knowledge is the rightful knowledge since Bhakti is like walking on a sharp-edged sword: it is very difficult to adopt and not a joke. That's why many fail as they are not truthful with themselves.

The real deeds of bravery can only be examined in a tough tussle. Guru’s Grace awakens when you are true towards yourself first. Then He pushes you uphill towards the universal truth, as a true warrior is one who climbs the ladder of transparent Bhakti and attains the supreme state where one will never fall.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master