Message from the Master

21 December 2017

'Falling in Love with God

The gopis fell in Love with Krishna (actually all the inhabitants of Gokul did, even the animals and Nature were in Love with Him). Since they were in His physical presence, the chance not to be charmed or robbed by Him was equal to zero.

But Rukmini's Love story is a little different (and I think similar in some points was the story with Satyabhama). Rukmini was hearing about Krishna from His devotees (His devotees are not only sweet-sweet but dangerous too, because through them His charm is even stronger since it has on it the colours of the bhakta's devotion).

Being a woman, and not an ordinary one, She also fell in Love with Krishna and did something extraordinary: She wrote Him a letter in which She asked Him to kidnap Her. This means that Her Love was so pure and strong that She immediately surrendered to Him. What else could the Divine Beloved do but answer Her request?

And here is the point: Why do we fall in Love with God?

First thing is, falling in Love is due to the fact that it is our true nature, and everyone acts according to their own nature.

Second, falling in Love is the awakening of our true nature.

Third, it’s impossible not to fall in Love with Him once one starts to hear about Him, His Leelas with devotees, how He cares and protects His devotees, about His qualities and ways, and so on, even if one has never seen Him. Simply hearing about Him with an open heart and a pure mind, we will be able to see Him and again fall in Love with Him. Actually, to fall in Love with God is an inevitable destiny of each soul.

And what about when we meet our own Satguru? That is the greatest danger, for all materialistic attachments, illusions, negativities, ignorance, arrogance and pride, all fall away from the soul. It is inevitable to fall in Love with both Satguru and God together.

Also, we fall in Love with God when we serve others with a selfless attitude, when we chant and sing His Names and glories, and when we dance, too.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master