Message from the Master

2 December 2017

'The Difference between Love and Logic

Logic needs information about something or someone in order to function according its nature of functioning.

But Love doesn't need any information about someone to happen.

Logic needs certain convictions in order to enter into knowing.

Love doesn't need any conviction, Love simply happens.

To know something or someone logically, one uses analysis, which is the action of a sharp knife. And yet, using logic we can only know parts but not the whole.

To know someone or something through Love, only what is needed is openness, acceptance, and inclusiveness. When we fall in love with someone, it happens even without knowing anything about the person. That is why we know that information about that person is not needed. Still, Love is happening, and due to this Love we can feel the person we love, and through Love, we get to know this person, and even more due to Love, we know the best in that person. Due to Love, we can understand the worst in a person, but still, we can have understanding and Love continues. That is why we say Love is unconditional. And Love creates deep intimacy, whereas logic creates distance.

Logic is a tool for survival, but Love is the way of existence. Love has its own logic, but logic stays for itself and is only that: a mental faculty.

So which way to know God is better: through Love or through logic? What would each one of us prefer more to be known by others: through Love or through logic? From the perspective of logic, we are just parts, facts, names, definitions, and descriptions. From the perspective of Love, we are the same: Love. Love sees itself in all and makes all to see that they are that Love really. What is better and more fulfilling: logic or Love?'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master