Message from the Master

14 December 2017

'Love and gratitude are binding forces, and it is very important where Love is directed. If it is towards the ego and the outside, then one is in trouble because even the good qualities one has will be anchored and limited by the outside, and accordingly, it will not have any value.

Like in the case of Karna. He was such a warrior, and not an ordinary one, yet he was not aware of his true identity. He had the quality of charity par excellence, and devotion, but alas, it was towards the outside. Duryodhan made him a loyal friend due to the kingdom and support he gave him, but Duryodhan did it because of himself, not for Karna.

Guru and God, saints and Masters, if our Love and gratitude is directed to them, then all will blossom and have an eternal never-ending fragrance. They do everything only for our good. That is why it is important where Love and gratitude are directed.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master