Message from the Master

13 December 2017

'What is food to a disciple?

The Guru's pleasure.

What is the strength of a disciple?

Devotion to the Guru.

What is the aim of a disciple?

Serving and surrendering to the Guru.

What kind of heart does a disciple have?

Lost in thoughts about the Guru's glories and endless Love and compassion.

What is a disciple's greatest possession?

The inner space and outer place where, due to overwhelming gratitude, one can bow down to the Guru's Feet.

Bowing down to the Feet of one's own Guru is not just an act of respect and gratitude. To the outer unexperienced observer, bowing down to the Guru may seems like the lack of many things that the human ego holds so dear and accordingly would never bow down. No need to mention that here, because it is about things that experienced and wise, devoted and loving ones can see.

Bowing down to the Guru's Feet is the Guru's Love that has purified the mind of a disciple, lit the flame of Divine Love inside the disciple’s heart and expressed it as surrender and serving to the Beloved. It is all due to the Guru's Grace and Love.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master