Message from the Master

11 January 2018

'Only a person who is interested in devotion to God, in loving God, and in serving Him is really intelligent. If God is the only aim, if serving Him is the only aim, if Love is the only aim, not only is such a person intelligent, such a person is the only one who can be intelligent, because one’s aim, motive, and action is pure, and intelligence is the reflection of the soul's purity.

The only bad thing in all this is that such a person is not accepted, not welcomed, not really loved, and is always blamed without real foundation. It is a contradicting fact that the highest goal and the greatest possibility of this world is at the same time the most abandoned and the most attacked.

It is not surprising, then, why is it so rare. Humans love stories about it, but to achieve it means to let go of humanity and to transform into divinity.

Nature puts on humans the most difficult task, but the result is beyond even the best that humans can be or have.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master