Message from the Master

07 January 2018

'When one meditates and observes life and sees the characteristics which govern this existence through living, action, growth, time and so on, one may ask: is that life itself or there is more to it?

What is the power which gives energy to all action? Who is the source of that power? To know that reality, you have to first realise that you are life itself. You are that potential of the Divine at all times. It is He who carries out all action, as He is the sole source of all power. Without Him, nothing exists.

Observation is a powerful tool. It is connected with neutrality, depth, clarity, discrimination, and a non-judgemental approach. Through observation, one can reach the point of things.

To look means seeing with two physical eyes, but to observe means to see with the inner eye. Two eyes mean duality. One eye means neutrality.

Through observation, one sees that opposites are complementary. When there is a lack of awareness of the whole picture, a need will be created and a need is dangerous.'

- Paramahamsa Vishwananda

Message from the Master