Day 9 - Cherishing the Guru

Following the Master | Mauritius Pilgrimage 2021

Is it possible to value the guru when He is alive or only when He departs? Actually, it is not possible, as per Guruji’s words in the morning satsang. However, there is the opportunity to gradually attune yourself to recognizing His grace in every moment ‘in the smallest things! A spider, a stone, everything holds this grace!’

This day was overflowing with golden moments which illuminated the divinity and preciousness of our gurudev. The greatness He reveals is sometimes simple and subtle, sometimes challenging, and sometimes supernatural. 

From abhishekam with five deities He’s materialized, to discussing the simple lives of saints, to the importance of higher dharma and being tested on the spiritual path, we covered a large basis of knowledge and experience! One day with Guruji often feels like a week's worth of activity.

What stood out amongst it all were a few themes. The guru’s long term plan with our soul and the question: how much gratitude do we truly have for this relationship? Guruji says, how grateful we are will show according to how we respond to tests and challenges He gives. Through this gratitude and consistently placing the guru first in our lives, His mysterious long term plan slowly comes to light.

The Long-term Plan of the Guru

Take, for example, the story about the owner of this resort, where the long term plan of the guru is evident amongst him and his wife. Here’s a little more on his backstory:

He met Guruji 27 years ago for just five minutes, when Guruji was 16, because a friend of Satya Sai Baba recommended meeting Him. Kishen waited patiently in amazement in Guruji’s room full of vibhuti and honey. There was a feeling of peace and calm throughout his body. Guruji finally arrived but was in a rush to take an airplane to India. They sat and closed their eyes for a moment and a sense of wanting to stay forever came over him, then Guruji said, ‘I have to take my airplane now. I will come back, and we will meet again.’ Two years ago, Guruji also came to this hotel with a group, but for Kishen, He was just a guru in his hotel and didn’t give importance to meeting Him.

One day before Shivaratri, Kishen made the connection that Guruji was the boy he met in the past. Kishen having a strong connection to Lord Shiva since one year after meeting Guruji, this felt very significant. He met Guruji in the lobby but had his prayers at home so he didn’t come for the celebration. While doing puja at home at 11:30 pm, Kishen saw Guruji’s face when he closed his eyes thinking, ‘He is a gift from Shiva.’

After 27 years it felt as if time didn’t pass, like it was only yesterday. Now I feel I’m complete, I feel a new me. I know everything happens for a reason. I felt like in these 27 years He was always with me. I told my employees here, “You see all these devotees? They are happy! You know why? Because of their guru!”

Kishen, owner of the resort

How is it possible to truly cherish the gift of the guru when His presence even far surpasses our understanding of time? 

To close out the evening, Guruji so beautifully exemplified the potential of expressing this gratefulness through the 11 verses of Madhurakavi Alvar and his supreme love for his guru.

Guruji read verse by verse with so much admiration, glorifying the beauty of this relationship, that we may rise into this level of devotion and as He so sweetly said, become ‘the future saints’ He is shaping us to be. May we be eternally grateful for this timeless opportunity to be with Him, serve Him, and grow with Him through every single moment, every single breath. Each second is to be cherished with the knowledge that we all are a manifestation of His Divine Love. We came not to fulfil ordinary, worldly dharma, but to fulfil the supreme dharma. We were created to serve, embody, and spread this fountain of grace. So, there is not a second to waste! Let us give thanks…

Jai Gurudev!

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