Day 6 - The Guru’s Supreme Knowledge and Grace

Following the Master | Mauritius Pilgrimage 2021


To be able to understand swimming you have to jump into the sea!’  These were some of Guruji’s first words during today’s satsang as He was referencing the subject of the evening -- the importance of the guru

After a long Shivaratri night of prayer and purification, it seemed like the perfect preparation to receive the fountain of wisdom that came through Guruji in this satsang. He even included the virtual pilgrims for the satsang. It was so sweet to see all the faces of virtual pilgrims on the screen in front of Him.


The Grace of the Guru

Guruji doesn’t often theme a satsang, but tonight He wanted to speak specifically on this very well known verse from the Guru Stotram:   

ajñāna timirān dhasy
jñānāñjana śalākayā
cakṣur unmīlitaṁ yena
tasmai śrī gurave namaḥ

My salutations to that reverential Teacher, who opened my eyes by applying the divine collyrium of Self-knowledge in my eyes, which had been blinded by the cataract of ignorance.

He then invited others to share how they relate to and experience the teachings from this verse. This opened up a beautiful series of discussions and stories about how precious and essential the satguru is on the spiritual journey. He emphasized how valuable satsang is for the very purpose of this sharing with one another, to learn and be inspired by each person’s unique journey.

From the process of being ready to receive the satguru’s knowledge and grace, (which is supreme to any form of learning), to the authentic moments in which we are given a direct experience of that knowledge, it’s amazing to see how many stories were shared affirming the supreme nature of the grace which can come only from the satguru.

Guruji mentioned how even great sages and saints have their guru to which they bow, including Jesus Himself.

Time flew by as we continued to inspire one another to share for three hours straight, testimony to that timeless and supreme grace of our beloved gurudev.

Our salutations to that reverential teacher!

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