# 9 | Guru's Grace

Following the Master | Mauritius 2020-21


In a blink of an eye days with Guruji pass by. Thousands of things done yet thousands remain!

Every day new devotees from all over the world come from very far to visit Guruji in Mauritius. During one of the satsangs, Guruji was very happy and appreciative to such devotees, who didn’t care about how complicated it was to follow Him here, but came anyway! 

The daily routine is very variable here and always changing. One day, one of us woke up very sick with a headache and stomach problems. He stayed the whole morning in bed, trying to start the day, but without success. After lunch, the prabhu was still sick in the room, when Guruji stepped in saying, ‘Oh my dear! You’re still sick?’ Smiling, He called Swami Paranthapa, ‘Swami Paraaaaaanthapaaaa!! Come!’ 

Guruji asked him to help the suffering prabhu, who was laying down in the bed. 

Swami Paranthapa started pressing points on the prabhu’s hand and head. Meanwhile Guruji was joking about how he looked like a walking dead, until Guruji Himself decided to intervene. He started pressing the other hand of the prabhu, and after a minute, the prabhu’s sickness was gone! He stood up, full of joy and life again, bowed down to Guruji and hugged Swami Paaranthapa saying, ‘Thanks a lot!’ Swami Paaranthapa answered, ‘Why are you thanking me, it was Him who touched you!’ 

When the prabhu came to say thank you to Guruji, Guruji sent him off, as if that would have been an offense to the Master, who is our own mother! What would make Him happier than our very happiness?


This episode was somehow connected with a beautiful satsang Guruji gave where He spoke about guru-kripa, the grace of the guru. He said that by being a devotee, one is immersed in kripa. When we try to describe our experiences or moments of kripa, people explain it as a protection, like being carried, and having deep love for God, etc… Guruji clarified that we are able to explain and talk about this because we have the direct experience, because to be a devotee is to have kripa. This is not in everyone. Not all people can refer to these experiences, and that is important not to forget.

He also explained how being a devotee is about service, yet often people don’t like to serve. Everyone wants to be a healer, or a guru…but actually, a real guru is the biggest servant. He holds all his devotees, like children, pushing them up to elevate them, yet they try to push themselves down. Their own mind is pushing them down

He explained that He has given kripa so easily to many people, and asked, ‘Where are those people now?’ Pointing out that they are not here, and said,’Kripa is the most precious thing one can work for, and is not given easily.’ He continued and explained why the role of the Master is about challenging the mind of the people, in order to help them see another reality. Only when the powerful mind is broken, one can transform