# 11 | He Came to Help Everyone

Following the Master | Mauritius 2020-21


We had an amazing time in the North of the island. Guruji visited and helped many people, and we had the opportunity to film several times for ‘Experiences with the Master’, a series highlighting stories of thousands of people from all over the world that have had life-changing experiences with Guruji. Below, we share even more profound and recent moments of transformation with the Master. 

It just so happened that on the North of the island, someone was hired by the devotees to help clean the house. One day, she came to do her service, appearing to be very worried. She eventually approached us to ask who Guruji was. We laughed, and said that in fact, we don’t know! Guruji is one of the biggest mysteries of life! We asked her if she was okay, and she explained that she was sad and worried about her son who was going through a difficult situation. We asked her if she has a dear deity or ishtadeva, and she said, ‘Lord Shiva.’  We told her to pray to Lord Shiva in her heart for the opportunity to speak with Guruji.  She did the prayer and then continued doing her service. After a few minutes, Guruji, without being told anything, went directly to the room where this mataji was cleaning and started speaking with her. She teared up as Guruji gave her instructions about her son. 

The same day, the owner of the rented house came by to check if everything was all right. Guruji also spent some time with him, regardless of not being a devotee. When we spoke with him about how Guruji had changed our lives, his eyes were shining with the willingness to know more and more about Guruji.

A few days later, we interviewed Tina, Guruji’s sister. She also broke into tears as she shared how it was for her the moment that Guruji, still being very young, explained to the whole family that he needed to go. The world needed His help. From hearing that, along with all the people who were transformed by Guruji in this one short trip to the North, it became even more clear - He came to help everyone.

The Bhakti Marga temple is receiving more and more people from outside. Prayers in the morning and afternoon are very crowded and full of high energy! 

One night during prayers we had an amazing kirtan with the vibes rising and rising. Suddenly, like pressing a button, people jumped on their feet and started dancing! A few seconds later Guruji stood up full of power, went straight to the mataji who was singing and started moving his hand in circles. A beautiful ring appeared on his hand and gave it to her. It was her first time at the temple and she had only a little bit earlier been asked to sing. She started crying meanwhile lifting her hand to receive the gift, and the whole room exploded, dancing and jumping with pure joy.

We interviewed her later to ask what she was thinking when it happened. She shared that while singing with eyes closed, she could not think of anything else but Krishna. She was enjoying so much being free of thinking about anything else other than Him playing the flute in front of her, and suddenly she opened her eyes to Guruji standing in front of her saying, ‘Give me your hand!’  The whole sequence of events was too much for her, that she broke into tears immediately.


During one of Guruji’s early walks in the mountains, Guruji started yelling very excitedly, ‘Oh there is a Kali mandir down there!’ but nobody could see it. Guruji kept pointing, but no success… nobody managed to see it. At that moment a mataji walked in the opposite direction crossing Guruji and the others. Guruji asked her,  ‘Ey mataji, is there a Kali mandir down there?’ And with shiny eyes, she said, ‘Yes!’ Guruji asked,’Were you coming from there?’ She replied again, ‘Yes.’ Guruji, smiling, asked her if she went every day. The mataji now with a little sad face answered ‘Yes, but today was my last day because I am moving and came to say goodbye to Kali because I will not be able to come so often now.’ Guruji smiled, shared some last words with her and they left.

The same afternoon, this lady went to her job and was speaking with a friend of hers about some problems and circumstances that have been worrying her for the last six months. The friend recommended to her to visit Swami Vishwananda for advice. She asked, ‘Who is He?’ When the friend showed her a picture, she exclaimed, ‘I saw this man this morning after visiting Kali!’

So that night, she came to visit Guruji. It was already after prayer time, but for some reason when she came inside, Guruji stepped out of his house and crossed her on the way saying, ‘You were walking in the mountains the other day!’ and invited her to talk for a couple of minutes. She told Guruji the reason for her visit and Guruji reassured her to not worry, everything will be alright. When she came back home, her husband told her that everything worrying them for the last six months was just solved. She came back two days later to thank Guruji and we caught her in the perfect moment to share this story with us so we could share with you!

Time and time again we see, He truly came to help everyone!

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