# 1 | Out of Quarantine

Following the Master | Mauritius 2020-21


We started the day at four in the morning to get our final PCR test done.  Every time, it feels like they put the little stick deeper into the nose - not nice! It took awhile for the results to come in so Gurudev opted to give both scheduled darshans from the hotel. Meanwhile, the Mauritian devotees started gathering outside of the hotel to sing for Him. They remained there, singing, for the next four hours. It was beautiful to witness their devotion. 

As Gurudev prepared to leave and the doctor arrived to deliver our 'all clear' test results, employees of the hotel came to say goodbye and ask for His blessings. When the manager of the hotel came to wish farewell, Gurudev materialised a ring for him then made him sing a bhajan into Gurudev's ears. It was a magical moment. 

Gurudev had barely made it out of the hotel when people started taking off their shoes, jumped and ran towards Him. They bowed and asked permission to touch His feet as soon as He was outside of the 'restricted area'. 

From the hotel, Gurudev travelled south to the centre of the island. On the way, He met more and more devotees and always took His time to welcome and greet them. When He finally arrived at the temple, they were already waiting and ready to perform a welcome puja and sing more bhajans

Gurudev sang with them for hours and then decided to do another darshan. As for the next two weeks, He’s not yet allowed to touch people physically, He did so without physical contact. Instead of a physical darshan where He puts His hand on your head, He looked into people’s eyes from 1.5 meters away. It was still very personal. After darshan, He gave a satsang, covering a range of topics including the importance of satsang, how to purify ourselves, and how to destroy negative inner qualities like arrogance and pride. He ended his talk by emphasizing the importance of listening by saying: 'If you don’t listen to the satsang, you think you are advancing - but you are not advancing at all.'

Gurudev's Feet - Guru Puja

A bit later, He shared a story that had happened in Austria about a priest who wanted to renovate a church. As he could not do it on time for Christmas, he wanted to go buy something to cover the wall. He found a beautiful old handmade crochet carpet in a flea market. When He came back to the church, the priest was surprised to find a woman, who just missed the bus and had to wait in terrible weather conditions for the next one. So the priest offered her to wait in the church. He then took the carpet out of his bag and started hanging it on the wall. The woman was surprised when she saw that and said: “I fabricated this carpet 35 years ago! Check if you find the initials ICB on the back - that will prove it was mine!'

She told him about military forces coming to arrest her and her husband during the war. She managed to escape but never made it home or learned what came of her husband. A few hours later, another person stepped into the church. It was a man. He saw the tapestry and called out, 'This is mine! Check the back of it, you will find some initials saying ICB.' And that proved to be true too! The priest said to him, 'Please join me,' and took the man to the house of the woman. They had been separated since the war. Thirty-five years later, in a little church, they got together again. Gurudev followed this story by reminding everyone of the importance of trust in God's bigger plan. He is taking care of everything. 

After satsang, the event ended and Gurudev went for a walk to His old flat and showed the few devotees with Him where Mother Mary and Jesus used to appear to Him. He finished the day by singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to a Baby Jesus murti which was placed right where Mother Mary used to appear.

Stay tuned for more posts as we ‘Follow the Master’ on a pilgrimage to the Divine!

Jai Gurudev!

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Gurudev's Arrival at His Tempe in Mauritius
Gurudev's Arrival at His Tempe in Mauritius
Gurudev's Arrival at His Tempe in Mauritius
Gurudev's Arrival at His Tempe in Mauritius
Gurudev's Arrival at His Tempe in Mauritius
Gurudev's Arrival at His Tempe in Mauritius
Krishna with His Flute